Friday, June 09, 2006

Real People Do Win

Blogger has been on the fritz for the last day or so couldn't get a post up yesterday. What I did do yesterday though was win free tickets to the Widespread Panic album release party at Irving Plaza on Tuesday night. Go me! Pretty excited for it, though I do now have to get rid of my moe. tickets for their Central Park show (one of my favorite places to see a show) for that same night. Think it's always cool to see a band that plays much larger venues come back and play a pretty small one - should be a great night. Bringing my friend Chilly Jackwater who's by far the biggest Panic fan I know.

Here's a couple of quick facts...

WSP has played Irving 5 times, but hasn't played their in over 11 years - the last time being a two night run - April 7 & 8 of 1995.

In other Panic news they'll be playing Letterman on June 15th, so tune it for that.

Here they are playing "Give" on The Late Show from back in '01....

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