Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Modern Times

The new Bob Dylan album Modern Times is set to hit streets on August 29th. Here's a little preview of it from Rolling Stone....

Bob Dylan's new album, Modern Times, is due out on August 29th. Times, which Dylan produced himself, mixes elements of 2001’s Love and Theft – blues variations (think “Cry A While”) and whimsical ballads (think “Floater”) – with the darker, swampier vibe of the Daniel Lanois-produced classics Time Out of Mind and Oh Mercy. Only Dylan’s current touring band plays on the new one: ringing in our ears was the bone-chilling vamp “Ain’t Talkin’”, which may be Dylan’s most powerful album-closing epic ever. Other song titles include “Thunder On the Mountain,” “Spirit on the Water,” “Workingman’s Blues,” “When the Deal Goes Down” and “Neddy Moore.” Before the release of Modern Times, Dylan will be doing another summer tour of minor league ballparks, with Merle Haggard opening.

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