Sunday, June 25, 2006

Odds And Ends

Bows + Arrows is declaring Josh Ritter's The Animal Years the best album of 2006 - so far. Read. May have to take his advice and pick this up. I've had it in my hands a few times but didn't buy it.

Live Music Blog is giving away tickets to the 10k Lakes Festival - deadline is July 3rd. Read about how to enter here.

Cable And Tweed has some MP3's of some his favorite moments from the 'Roo. Lots of covers including dios (malos) doing Beck and Beck doing The Flaming Lips. Check that out here.

Burning Oak has a new feature called New Stuff where he's featuring some music from Grace Potter And The Nocturnals and Shapes And Sizes. Here and here - respectively.

And finally Stereogum has a got a great review and pics from the late night Ryan Adams show. Check it out here. As I briefly considered buying tickets to it I also kind of figured that it wouldn't start before 1:30 AM and didn't think I'd find anyone willing to stay out that late for it.

Here's the setlist....

Love Is Hell
This Is It
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Cherry Lane
Note To Self: Don't Die
Peaceful Valley
Wish You Were Here
Magnolia Mountain
Easy Plateau
Hard Way To Fall
Let It Ride
To Be Young
Dear Chicago
Cold Roses
Beautiful Sorta

Call Me On Your Way Back Home
Come Pick Me Up

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