Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Off to MSG shortly for the Trey /Tom Petty show and later this week will be hitting the Bruce Springsteen show their with his Seeger Sessions Band - pulled up a ridiculous seat so had to buy it. From what I've heard Bruce has like 20 twenty playing on stage with him - though I think that's only a few more then are actually in the E Street Band. It'll be my first time seeing The Boss and though it's not going to be a classic three hour marathon show of the hits still extremely excited about it - I really dig the new album.

Here's a couple of Bruuuuuuuuuce shows off the current tour....

Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band - 2006-06-13 - Midwest Bank Amphitheater - Tinley Park, IL

Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band - 2006-06-14 - Bradley Center - Milwaukee, WI

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t.c. said...

I was at that Petty show. He's so relaxed and groovy on stage, even in front of tens of thousands of people. The highlight for me was "Don't Come Around Here No More" followed by "Refugee." Have you been able to find a setlist online?