Sunday, December 18, 2005


Apparently the Trey/Cactus/Kreutzmann trio has a name and will from this day forward be known at SerialPod. Here's the setlists from the last two nights....

December 17, 2005
Warren Haynes Xmas Jam, Asheville, NC
*Cumberland Blues
Chalkdust Torture
On a Plain
^Wave The Ocean
Sweet Thing %
**Angel #
**Loose Lucy

^ Nirvana cover % Van Morrison cover ** with Ivan Neville on keys # Jimi Hendrix cover

December 16, 2005 Asheville, NC
Wave The Ocean >
On Your Way Down*^
Iko Iko*^

*with Ivan Neville on keys^Warren Haynes on guitar&Danny Louis on keys

Hopefully some downloads will be up soon, pretty curious to hear how some of this stuff sounded.


Guss said...

Justin Kreutzmann said...

for what it's worth the jam out of On A Plain is the Miles Davis song from A Tribute To Jack Johnson...