Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trix Are For Kids

I think we all sort of miss a certain Vermont band around this time of year. For four years they took Halloween to a whole new level by covering albums in their entirety - which upped the ante for all bands since. While lots of bands have offered themed shows and tons of covers none have honored the great tradition they started like this....

On Saturday, the Breakfast hosted their 9th Annual Fongoulish Freakout at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. During the shows leading up to this gig, the band had performed two of its own releases in their entirety, starting with 2003's Bona Fide at Toad's Place on Thursday and then 2006's Moxie Epoxy on Friday. At Higher Ground, however, the band tipped its cap to the environs and offered up a version of Phish's Lawn Boy, which spanned two sets. (via

I feel a little weird about the whole Phish tribute band thing, but since this is a one-time deal I'll sit back listen and enjoy....

The Breakfast - 2007-10-27 - Higher Ground Showcase Lounge - South Burlington, VT


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-RM said...

Not a phish fan, but not bad. I'm still a little sad that I missed the Dandy Warhols tonite :(.