Friday, October 26, 2007

Bloggy Goodness

Not feel very inspired today. Though that doesn't mean that other people aren't, let's see what going on....

Kmmmmusic was at last Saturday night's Phil & Friends show up in Glen's Falls and gives some thoughts about Ernie's much buzzed about sit-in with the band - read it here.

After several months of being on hiatus The Weight is back and wants to you to enjoy every sandwich - find out what it means here.

has got a new series about anthems. First up the definition of what makes an anthem, an anthem - check it out here.

Come Pick Me Up is hooked on South Dakota's We Have Hooks For Hands - give them a listen here.

Don't have plans for Halloween yet? Well fear not Ear Farm is throwing their 2nd Annual Halloween show at Club Europa out in Brooklyn next Wednesday night featuring The Giraffes, Goes Cube, Hope Well and Manchino - more info here, as well as great Halloween mix.

Everybody Cares, Everyone Understands has a gigantic post honoring the memory of Elliot Smith - mp3s, YouTube videos and more - head here.

And as always head check out Hidden Track for their daily distractions, as well as my new friends over at Uncensored Interview.

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Benji said...

Thanks for the link! Much appreciated.