Saturday, October 20, 2007

Uncensored Interview

Just want to point you in the direction of the relatively brand new music site called Uncensored Interview. Since they can do a better job then me in describing what they're all about here it is straight from their mouthes.... is an online video site for indie music artists and fans to be seen and heard in their truest form - uncensored and real. Kind of like the opposite of MTV. We showcase interviews with indie bands of all genres, picking their brains on everything from politics to dating a fan, and we do it all in the comfort of their most natural habitats, be that a music studio, apartment or favorite bar. Not only will fans get to hear what their beloved up and coming indie artists have to say, they'll get to talk back. UI's band videos and video responses(V-sponses) are the ultimate interactive platform for artists and fans to speak out and to each other. Completely uncensored, of course.

Definitely a great way to interact with your favorite band. So folks go and poke around and see what they're all about, right now they've got a bunch of CMJ coverage - head here.