Monday, February 27, 2006

Particle's New People

Particle has finally revealed who their new guitarist is going to be and it's actually not one, but two guitarists - Scott Metzger (of RANA fame - wonder how this will effect them?) & Ben Combe. I never really got into the whole Particle thing. I did see them play their first NYC show at the Knitting Factory back in '01 - but that's really been my only exposure to them. I've heard they've evolved a lot since then and are quite good at what they do - especially if your ingesting the appropriate things.

Back in November Glide ran a Q&A with their former guitarist Charlie Hitchcock. It's an interesting read and gives a good glimpse into how the line-up change came about. Read it here.

Here's some classic Particle.....

Particle - 2005-01-22 - Club Breeze - Crystal Bay, NV

Particle - 2003-05-25 - moe. Summer Camp - Red Barn - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

Particle - 2003-08-21 - Bowery Ballroom - NYC, NY

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