Thursday, February 02, 2006


While the Arctic Monkeys are the buzz band on the indie blogs, TLG certainly has to take the honor as far as jamband blogs go. Well I finally picked up a ticket to see them play the Knit on March 10th - really looking forward to seeing these boys live. Here's a review of their January 30th show in Grand Rapids, MI (via LMB).

Here's a review of the Dr. Dog show I was at last week (via Glide Magazine). Seriously if you have the opportunity go check these guys out. The show last week was packed and from reading the review there were about 40 waiting outside just to get in. They put on a great, fun live show and their music just makes me happy - what else can I say.

New York magazine waded through all of Ryan Adams solo material to come up with a list of selected cuts to bring you 'What's Good About Ryan'.

Billboard's got a piece on Bonnaroo which includes SuperFly president Jonathan Mayers thoughts on programming the festival. Read it here.

Finally the Washington Post has got this really interesting article on the reclusive Sly Stone and the rumor of a possible reunion with the Family Stone at the Grammys next week - might actually have to tune in now and see if it happens. This would be Sly's first major public appearance since January 12, 1993 when his group was inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Read it here.

Buy your Sly Lives t-shirt here (from his little sister and Family Stone bandmember Vet Stone).

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