Thursday, February 09, 2006

Go Back Into Hiding

I think Ace Cowboy and I are mentally linked today. I was going to post my thoughts on Sly Stone at the Grammys last night, but Ace literally said just about everything I was planning on down to the title of his post and his description of Sly - 'Oh My' - I used that last night when im'ing with someone to discuss how I felt about it. So read his post here, and if you didn't get to see what he looked like see below.....

I think the best part of the whole thing was when Sly walked off the stage after performing for about two minutes. Seemed like everyone was expecting to come back on, including the people in the control room who kept going to a wide shot of the stage. My other thought is that they actually had rehearsals for this with Sly - if I was producing the Grammys I think I would had told him to go back to whatever hole his was hiding in because this is no way for people to see him again. It was just plain sad. He makes Brian Wilson look like a perfectly functioning member of society.

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