Thursday, January 03, 2008

Totally Abandoned

You think you were at a great New Year's Eve show? I beg to differ after reading this report from NME on a secret gig involving some of classic rocks heaviest hitters (via NME).....

Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend and Ringo Starr teamed up to play a New Year’s Eve gig together in Surrey on.

According to The Independent, the trio sold tickets to the gig, at an unnamed location, for under £50 each, with proceeds going to charity.

A source told the newspaper that the band were called Totally Abandoned for the night, and the three legends performed “mainly old classics”.

So just how did this gig stay a secret? And how did it take three days to finally get some press??

I don't really have time to think about that after seeing this post on The Who's official website, about what seemingly points to the re-teaming of Pete and Slowhand at MSG in February.....

"Pete Townshend to perform at a major gig in New York? After his performance at an annual village gig laid on by pal Eric Clapton for New Year's Eve, the rumour's now going around that Who guitarist Pete Townshend is going to be performing at "a much larger gig" in New York sometime before March. No further details are available."

If I wasn't excited enough for that gig, this puts it well over the top.

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