Friday, January 18, 2008

Bloggy Goodness

Here's what some other people have going on....

Rock Revival thinks you should be listening to the legendary Ozric Tentacles - find out why here.

The Song Of The Week over at The Late Greats is "God Here I Come" from The Weinlands - give it a listen here.

The Weight is count downing the days until their first birthday with some of their favorite cover tunes, day three of the countdown brings us Travis covering Joni Mitchell - head here.

Indie Surfer Blog gives us a history lesson on the guy who coined the phrase Anti-folk - a genre which is once again getting a lot of attention thanks to the Juno soundtrack - check it out here.

And speaking of said soundtrack, Passion of the Weiss offers up a list of things he'd rather do then listen to it for his review in LA Weekly - read it here.

Finally The Wreckroom offers up a Spoon show from last September for your downloading pleasure - head here.

And as always spot by Hidden Track for their daily distractions and check in with Uncensored Interview while you're at it too.

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