Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coachella East?

I'm not sure how much I trust a source like Perez Hilton when it comes to music news, but according to his site Coachella may be headed to the East Coast this summer - and somewhere in the New York/New Jersey area. Could this move be in response to the proposed Vineland Music Festival (who is running into some opposition)? Read about it here.

Update: According to this Billboard article Coachella producers AEG Live/Goldenvoice will in fact stage a summer festival at Liberty State Park (which has hosted a number of large scale concerts over the years - it's actually where I caught the first installment of the Furthur Fest)

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-RM said...

I am so up for an east coast coachella!!! I will so be there this year, along with ACL!!!! WOO HOO!!! Are you coming to ACL? You have to come! It's a weekend full of badass bands!