Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bloggy Goodness

Here's what some other people have going on, I swear new content from me soon....

I feel like pimping Bob yet again to make sure you realize that My Blog Is Poop is in fact back - check out his Top Ten albums of '07 - head here.

Earvolution reviews U-Melt's late night New Year's gig at the Highline, which ended sometime around 6 AM - this might have contributed to their rather lackluster set opening for TLG the other night - check it out here.

Live Music Blog unveils a new feature called Drymount - the inaugural post looks back at the best rock posters of 2007 - find out what made the cut here.

Bag of Songs introduces us to the music of The Motion Stick - describing their sound as a blend of '60s garage rock and '80s New Wave. Intrigued? Head here.

Ever heard of The Interpreters? Me neither, but Philadelphia Freedom keys us into this lost band who was at the center of a major label bidding war in the '90s - see what the fuss was about here.

Finally Pop Tarts Sucked Toasted declares their love for The Clash's self-titled album - click here.

And as always head on over to Hidden Track for their daily distractions and also check in Uncensored Interview while you're at it too.

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