Sunday, March 26, 2006

Scalpers Suck

I was pretty optimistic that I'd roll up to the Beacon last night and find a reasonably priced ticket outside. Boy was I wrong. What I found was about 10-15 ticket scalpers roaming the block harassing anyone and everyone who was trying to buy or sell extras. Slightly frustrating. Sure if I wanted to pony about 150 bucks I could have bought one off these guys, but a) that was way out my price range and b) no way was I going to support these guys who made it impossible to buy a ticket off anyone without them barging in and throwing cash at people. The scalpers were not only walking the block in front of the Beacon, but also standing in front of bars and restaurants in the area - they've definitely got a bit more resourceful.

So the moral of the story here is don't buy tickets from scalpers and please don't sell your extras to them. Sure I was slightly frustrated and disappointed that I didn't get in, but hey they probably got stuck with a fist load of tickets they couldn't get rid of.

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