Monday, March 13, 2006

I Love Tuesdays

Nothing great out this week, but got this to review for Glide Magazine....

Derek Trucks Band - Songlines

Unfortunately some of the DTB's gear was stolen in Florida. Check out this report from

Last Thursday while Derek Trucks was in New York City with the Allman Brothers band, nine hundred miles away some of his gear was being pinched. Indeed, the Derek Trucks Band trailer was stolen in Atlanta and individuals in the southeast in particular are encouraged to keep an eye out for the following pieces of equipment with the listed serial numbers:

Pearl 5-piece Drum Kit (Black) (SN# 652623, 642341, 83233, 6526231, 652163)
Fender Super Reverb Combo Amp
(blackface) with Weber speakers by Jenson (SN# A13225)
Fender Super Reverb Combo Amp (blackface) with Pile Driver speakers (SN# A06896)
Hammond B-3 Custom foot switch(SN# pending)
Hammond Leslie amp – 147 model (SN# H25474)
Hohner Clavinet E7 (SN# 3447 410)
Yamaha Motif keyboard (SN# IHO1189)
Ampeg SVT Bass Head (1974) (SN# 112149)
Matchless Chieftain 2X10 combo amp (’96)

Anyone who has any information about the theft should contact the band through its website.

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