Monday, May 14, 2007

Ryan's Reckoning

While Ryan Adams new album Easy Tiger is still about a month away from release that hasn't stopped Rock Daily from claiming it his best work since Heartbreaker - check out their preview here.

It also seems as if Ryan hasn't shaken his affinity for the Grateful Dead, check out this excerpt from his recent website ramblings....

Gotta say that the new tunes are feelin real sweeeeet at rehearsal. We (the cardinals) have worked up an entirely new set list of never before heard tunes (with the new ET tunes) for our new set up, which is more or less based on the GD "reckoning" set up- (me and neal on acoustics- JG on a single steel, B on his awesome new compact drum kit percussion thing (its actually the size of a small boat considering he is 7 ft 16) SWolf on the hollybody and our friend producer and sepcialist Jamie on piano (really great vibe having Jamie rocking that with us- totally awesome having him in the fold). Jamie likes italian food and his turn on's are sky-diving, undersea exploration and map collecting. he is an aquarius with some capricorn and virgo on his brother randy's side.

Sounds good to me, can't wait to hear the new album and for the rumored fall tour. Check out this live performance of "Goodnight Rose" (which appears on the new album) from his appearance on the Henry Rollins show.

Still hoping that Ryan is a late addition for the 'Roo, but he would just be gravy for me at this point.

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