Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blind Faith Reunion

Head on over to Hidden Track for a post on last night's partial reunion of '60s supergroup Blind Faith. Check out here, which includes YouTube links to the performances.

So not to steal their thunder here's some vintage Blind Faith with "Can't Find My Way Home" off thier recently release live DVD London Hyde Park 1969 - which I clearly need to purchase....


Ace Cowboy said...

I love that performance...thing is, Clapton's on record as saying he didn't like it.

I just love the fact that EC is reuniting anything he can -- Cream, Blind Faith, Dominos tunes with a guy named Derek...not sure if he's in a crisis of nostalgia or what, but I'm sure he's rakin' in the cash.

Some Dude said...

I think he realized that while yeah it's great to make some blues records and tell people how great Robert Johnson is - the thing is most people don't care and want to hear Wonderful Tonight instead.