Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New York City I'm Coming Home Again.....

For those of you that are headed the moe. show Thursday night at the newly opened Highline Ballroom couple news items for you. First up the band will be offering direct soundboard patches on a first come, first serve basis - no special ticket is required. Secondly the band will be appearing at a LIFEbeat after party at the Cutting Room that night after the show. Tickets are on-sale now and are only ten bucks! Not sure if this means that band will performing or what - I'm guessing so, but for ten bucks it's a great cause and a chance to possibly see the band in very intimate setting.

I'm hitting the show on Saturday night - looking forward to seeing them after the so-so show that I saw at Irving Plaza back in December.

Here's a few recent shows for your downloading pleasure....

moe. - 2007-04-22 - Shibuya AX, Shibuya-ku - Tokyo, Japan

moe. - 2007-03-13 - Hal & Mal's - Jackson, MS

moe. - 2007-03-03 - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA

Also couldn't resist giving you their ode to my hometown, as they set-up residence here for 5 nights.....

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