Friday, December 21, 2007

Sticks & Stones May Brake Your Bones, But Will Also Get You On Stage With moe.

Sticks & Stones the latest studio offering from indie-jam-rockers moe. (hey they call themselves that, not me) hits stores next month, but here's the cool thing if you pre-order the album you'll get a chance to sing with the band on-stage. Here's the details...

In celebration of their release of Sticks and Stones, moe. is offering something very exciting exclusively to those who pre-order the album through the moe. store: a chance to sing with the band on stage! That's right, pre-order the CD beginning December 17th and you will also receive a special limited edition laminate which entitles you to come on stage with moe. and be part of the chorus to one of their new songs, "Raise a Glass", during the encore. This unique and rare opportunity will only happen during moe.'s tour from January 17th until May 15th.

You are allowed to do this more than once during the tour, but first-timers will get preference. This laminate is not a ticket, just your pass to sing with moe. on stage. And if you can't make a show, this laminate will still make a great item for your music collection!

Sticks and Stones cannot be shipped until January 20th, but moe.'s hard-working crew will have a list of all the fans who have ordered through the pre-sale at the shows so rest assured, even if you haven't received your pre-sale CD in the mail, they will get you up on stage. Additional information and rules will be included with your laminate and are posted below.

So does this mean they'll be playing that song every night as the encore for the length of the tour?? moe. finishes out the year with two shows in New York for New Years, tickets are still available for their Radio City show - get them here.

Oh and sorry for that way long post title, was trying to be clever.

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