Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bonnaroo To Sort Of Get The Led Out

Well we have our first official confirmation for '08 as WSMV in Nashville broke the news that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will grace the Manchester grounds - so much for hipster music blogs.

The unlikely duo put out the critically acclaimed Raising Sand album earlier this year - which you should definitely pick up. You can also tune in to WXPN on Monday, December 24th for the re-broadcast of their appearance on the World Cafe - or just head here and stream it from their archives now.

So no Led Zep, but this is a start.

Thanks to Hidden Track for the heads up on this and for more on all this Bonnaroo be sure to head over to my Bonnaroo blog.


J$ said...

i'm not sure if plant has the energy to play in 2 different bands in the same weekend. if he plans on rehearsing in advance. or touring?

Some Dude said...

I kind of feel now that any Led Zep reunion dates will be like how Cream did it a few years back. Play some very select cities - NY, Chicago, LA - and that's going to be it.

Though there is probably a bigger demand for Zep tickets then there was for Cream.