Saturday, December 01, 2007

Frankie's Gun

I honestly can't stop listening to The Felice Brother's album Adventure's Of The Felice Brothers, Vol. 1 - it's pretty much the only thing that's gotten played on my iPod this week. While I love the entire album (and it's sure to be in my Top Ten this year), the album opener "Frankie's Gun" is absolutely infectious and thought I'd share this live version. Enjoy....

While The Band and Dylan comparisons may get on their nerves - well at least according to this article - that song could have been a long, lost track from The Basement Tapes.

The Felice Brothers open for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band next Friday night at Highline Ballroom - get tickets here. Unfortunately I'm already heading out to Hoboken for Yo La Tengo, or else I'd be there, but be sure to grab you're copy of Adventures Of.... - since it's only available at their shows.

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