Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shake Your Moneymaker

Somehow this managed to pass me by, but there is a new Rilo Kiley video out that's a must watch (thanks to Dave The Butcher on this one). I'll give you two options for this first is the long version - which I highly suggest checking out, because who doesn't love interviews with porn stars....

The Moneymaker (Long Version)

But if you just want to cut to the chase and hear the song, you can watch this one....

The Moneymaker (Short Version)

Oh Jenny Lewis how I love you.

Rilo Kiley's new album Under The Blacklight hits store on August 12th.

1 comment:

RichardAM said...

The song (and indeed video) marks an unusual new direction for the band that's already seemingly divided the fans.

But hey, i absolutely love it, and Jenny's cute little dancing in the vid is very hot.