Friday, July 27, 2007

Bloggy Goodness

Here's what some other people are writing about....

The Greenhaus Effect lays down some ground rules for the latest Phish reunion rumor that's floating around - read them here.

Missed the White Stripes making their MSG debut earlier this week? Fear not nyctaper was their to capture the duo rockin' The World's Most Famous Arena - download away here.

If you're going to Lollapalooza you might want to head on over to CYSTSFTS for their MP3 preview of the festival - part 8 was posted this week, featuring the likes of dios (malos), !!! & The Roots (be sure to check out the other 7 parts as well).

Rewriteable Content new "go-to" band is the White Rabbits - head here to find out why and to give them a listen.

In an ode to Philly's fantastic radio station XPN's 885 Most Memorable Music Moments list, The Late Greats has assembled a list of bands with brother in their name (get it?) - check it out here.

San Diego Serenade
says goodbye to Lou Reed's 8th best solo album along with a lot of other burned CDs read his ruminations here.

How about some summery-pop - Everybody Cares, Everyone Understands has the latest from the Kite Flying Society - head here.

If you're a fan of "post-jam" (didn't we give up on using this term yet?) then I Guess I'm Floating is the place for you. Click over there for a selection of tracks from a recent Animal Collective show in London - here.

And as always head on over to Hidden Track for their fine daily distractions.

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