Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'll Take A Venti Iced Coffee -> China -> Rider

Who knew that the folks over at Hear Music were so heady? As I walked into Starbucks this morning to get my daily dose of caffeine I was caught off guard as the familiar mugs Jerry & Co. were staring back at me from the cover of their latest impulse buy compilation CD - Grateful Dead: Eternally Grateful - check it out....

Here's the track listing from the two disc set....

Disc One: In The Studio

1. Friend of the Devil 2. Box Of Rain 3. Althea 4. Eyes of the World 5. Truckin' 6. Shakedown Street 7. Cream Puff War 8. Scarlet Begonias 9. Touch of Grey 10. Sugar Magnolia 11. Cold Rain And Snow 12. China Cat Sunflower 13. Uncle John's Band 14. Casey Jones 15. Ripple

Disc Two: In Concert

1. Jack Straw 2. Bertha 3. My And My Uncle 4. Cumberland Blues 5. Me And Bobby McGee 6. Brown-Eyed Woman 7. Morning Dew 8. Johnny B. Goode 9. Not Fade Away

As much as people have been up in arms over Paul McCartney signing to Starbucks label and now Joni Mitchell, you really have to hand to them for putting out some quality releases and thinking outside the box about how people buy music these days. Among the other exclusive CDs their promoting this month is a Trojan Records reggae compilation, and a Dave Matthews Band Live Trax compilation, as well as selling the new Common album.

Here's a full list of what's Now Playing in their stores.

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