Friday, June 22, 2007


Is there really a need for another Dylan greatest hits cd? You've already got Volumes 1 - 3 and an Essential compilation too, and not to mention all the Bootleg Series stuff. But the folks over at Columbia are doing something kind of interesting with the latest Best Of that they are putting together. Here's the info....

A career-spanning, three-CD retrospective of Bob Dylan's music - DYLAN - will be released worldwide on October 1 by Columbia Records. This definitive Bob Dylan collection chronicles the artist's four decades of groundbreaking studio recordings, as well as his unparalleled influence on popular music and culture.

According to Sony BMG Commercial Music Group President John Ingrassia, "Each new generation eventually discovers what millions of people the world over have known for decades: That Bob Dylan is a singular artist whose songs and recordings represent the very best that music has to offer. This DYLAN set will provide a comprehensive introduction to an important body of work that continues to impact our culture and attract multitudes of new fans each year."

Song selection for this comprehensive set is still being determined, and will be greatly influenced by impassioned fan lobbying on website This site, which went live in February for fans to share thoughts on Bob Dylan's music, swap stories about first hearing the artist's songs and seeing him in concert, and more, has been updated today with the DYLAN artwork, a promotional trailer for the album, as well as the ability for fans to vote on the DYLAN track listing.

Visitors to will also find details on a forthcoming online photo exhibit, in which notable fans from the worlds of music, film, art and fashion will contribute images inspired by Bob Dylan. Fans will be able to contribute images, as well, and a winner will be chosen by one of the celebrity photographers to receive a Sony Alpha digital camera and have his or her image included in the exhibit.

Two additional versions of DYLAN will be released simultaneously with the 3-CD set: A deluxe edition featuring the three disks in a cloth covered case, and accompanied by an extended booklet of classic and rare Dylan imagery plus 10 limited edition postcards highlighting pivotal moments of Bob's career. The "Best Of" edition that will feature 18 songs on a single disk.

I like the idea, we'll see if it actually pays off and we get something that digs a little deeper into the catalog. Head on over to Dylan07 to voice your opinion.

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