Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alive Dead

After months of being "Under Construction" the new, improved Grateful Dead website is now live. Here's some info on the new site....

Welcome to the latest evolution of Dead.Net. Before you start clicking around we just wanted to give you three... no, four, informational gems.
  1. We want you to know that this site is going to be ever-improving, ever-evolving and never sitting still. Post your ideas, your wish lists, your hopes for what you wish this site could be. We have a million ideas of our own, and we want to build this 'thing' into the best 'thing' it can be. That said, we are brand new, and it's going to be a little rocky for a bit while we find our feet and figure out what is working and what isn't. So bear with us.
  2. At the moment, we have not fully merged the community/archives with the store. That means that you are going to have to create a whole 'nother account when you want to go to the store and buy stuff. We are working really hard to make it so that you only need one account. In the meantime,when you do create your User accounts, please use the same email address for both so that we can unite them when the time comes.
  3. The store. Yes, the shelves are a little empty right now. We are moving truckloads of merch to a shiny new warehouse, and so it's not all in yet. We will be adding tons of new stuff really soon!
  4. That's it! Wander around and check it all out. We hope you're happy with what we're building here, since really, it's all for you.
Some of the cool new features included the ability to check out song lyrics, backstage passes, concert posters as well as the continuation of the Taper's Section - head here and start poking around.

If that's not enough Dead for you, you can also pre-order their newest archive release Three From The Vault - which features a show from the Capital Theater from '71. Pre-order your copy here.

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