Monday, June 04, 2007


About a week or so ago as I was half paying attention to what was on TV when my ears perked up to what I thought was the strains of one Jeff Tweedy, but when I glanced over it was a commercial for Volkswagen - so I dismissed it as a sound-a-like. Well I guess I was right as this story is making it's way around the blogs the last few days....

"In a new form of music/promotion/communications, the band Wilco's recently released album Sky Blue Sky is the soundtrack to Volkswagen's latest TV campaign. This new form of marketing collaboration has the creative forces of Wilco and VW combining to launch both an album and a VW campaign in the same week (May 22nd). The partnership spans multiple commercials and multiple songs, with the first song being "The Thanks I Get." The Wilco Volkswagen union will run for the summer and all songs can be streamed on It's also the first-ever licensing deal for Wilco."

I guess the reason I didn't recognize the was because it leftover that didn't make it onto Sky Blue Sky. You can head on over to Stereogum who has the the spots - check it out here.

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