Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bloggy Goodness

Here's what other people have going on.....

Passion of the Weiss thinks that Jason Molina (currently headman of Magnolia Electric Co.) is a severely underrated songwriter - find out for yourself here.

Head over to Rob Ronanea, SuperDee's House, and Fresh Bread for reviews of last night's Page McConnell show - check that out here, here and here.

Phish & Chips wants to know what your favorite version of Al Green's soul classic "Take Me To The River" is by offering up a bunch of different takes on the tune - give a listen to them here.

Neddy over at Of The Week give his thoughts on Tonic (which is set to close it's doors in a couple of weeks) - read it here.

Over at Lost In Your Inbox you can check the second installment of Unusual Covers featuring covers of Pink Floyd, Neil Young and the Gorillaz.

This week's B-List over on Hidden Track features the 10 Best Original Weird Al tracks - yeah you read that right.

And finally The Runout Groove remembers when "Emo Was Good" by taking a look at The Promise Ring - head here.

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