Sunday, March 04, 2007

From The Inbox

Here's what's been filling up the inbox of late....

Jarret Nicolay (of Virginia Coalition)

Album Info:
My New Mixtape's "Winter '07" is a collection of stories. Universal
stories. There are no singles. No solos. Just lush melodies over
acoustic guitar and synth grooves that culminate in a one on one
experience between the listener and their headphones. The mixtape has
been called "the most widely practiced American art form," and My New
Mixtape has made an artistic statement of dreamy experimental pop,
greater than the sum of the individual songs. Curious? Pull out your
headphones, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the music of My
New Mixtape.

Drunk Me (MP3)

Pull Of The Moon (MP3)


Album Info:
Following the massive success of its home-recorded 2005 debut, Winterpills decided to settle into a studio to record the follow up. The resulting release, The Light Divides, improves upon the shimmering, nostalgic mood of the debut, taking the band's subtle and delicate pop to new sonic territory. As its name implies, Winterpills creates blustery, hibernal tunes that are best enjoyed in the cold: they will alternatively give you the chills and warm the soul. Winterpillscreate musical deja vu -- you already know these tunes, but are simultaneously aware that you have never heard them before. Eerie familiarities lead to new discoveries with every successive listen. Ethereal strains creep in and out of stereo sound. The Light Divides is sure to haunt your thoughts, and your media player.

Broken Arm (MP3)

Handkerchiefs (MP3)

Romeo & Juliet 10th Anniversary Soundtrack

Album Info:
It's also the tenth anniversary of Boz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet. To commemorate this occasion the soundtrack has been re-released with all the original songs - which features Radiohead, Butthole Surfers, Everclear and Garbage - and some new extras.

You can stream the full album via QuickTime here and Windows Media here.

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