Thursday, March 08, 2007

Concert Time

Off to see Ratdog tonight open their three-night stand at the Beacon. I always look forward to when them come to town, something about hearing Dead songs live that just makes me happy. While I may bash Bobby from time to time for doing too many Jerry songs and question who he's trying to appeal to with them - I do have a soft spot in my heart for him and his short, shorts.

Looking forward to a fun night, despite having to miss GW's opening round game in the A-10 tournament versus St. Joe's - maybe I'll get to catch the end of it, game doesn't start until 9 PM.

Tomorrow heading to Webster Hall for the double-bill of Ben Kweller & Gomez. I have never seen Gomez before, but my friend swears by them. I have been listening to their live album - Out West - just to get a sense of what I'm in for and definitely excited. Caught Ben back in the fall at the same venue and it was a great show - playing a great mix of songs off of all three of his albums. If I'm daring enough I may even try to make it down to the Knit for Benevento, Dillon and Mathis - but can't make any promises about that.

What are you guys seeing this weekend?

Here's some really recent live stuff from all three bands....

Ratdog - 2007-03-06 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

Ben Kweller - 2007-03-05 - Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, ON

Gomez - 2007-02-26 - Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX

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