Wednesday, February 07, 2007

HeadPhones Jam

For those of you - like me - that haven't taken the time to go and download the Headphones Jam starting today at 2 PM (EST) you can hear it for phree (yeah sorry about that) over at Live Phish Radio.

Here's some info on just what the Headphones Jam is (via LivePhish)....

The Headphones Jam (also referred to as "Monitor Jam") was recorded near the beginning of the Undermind sessions after Producer Tchad Blake arrived in Vermont and before the band began tracking most of the songs. It was mixed on the fly in The Barn and named because it was recorded while the monitors (in this case headphones) settings were dialed in for the session. Two tracks from the Headphones Jam were used for the Undermind album: "Maggie's Revenge" and "Tiny" (an Undermind iTunes bonus track). A third segment of the jam was played on a 2004 From the Archives radio show on The Bunny. The rest of the complete jam had never been heard outside the band until the Barn Tour Contest in 2006.

The Jam was presented in November 2006 to the winner of the Phish / Sirius "Live In Brooklyn" Barn Tour Contest along with a guided tour of The Barn and autographed copy of "Live in Brooklyn". The contest winner was given the option to hold onto the contest track or share it with the rest of the community. The winner decided to make this jam available to the public and asked to help distribute it with the request that proceeds be donated to a designated charity. In that sense, it follows in the charitable tradition of other efforts like "New Orleans Relief" and support of the Mockingbird Foundation.

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