Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From The Inbox

Been getting some emails lately asking to post some band info and MP3s for download here on HFTB. Since I'm here to inform you and spread the music I figured why not. So here's what's been filling up my inbox of late....

Dearborn is a high energy rock band who is currently gearing up for their 2007 sophomore release "Always In Disguise". Chicago's premier rock band has fans and critics on the edge of their stereos in anticipation. The band recieved the 2004 Chicago Music Award for Rock Album of the Year for their debut release, "Prepare To Qualify", and this past year were up against rock greats Billy Corgan, Wilco, The Pony's and Umphrey's McGee as a nominee for 2004 and 2005's Best Rock Entertainer Award.

Always in Disguise is an album that embraces high energy alternative rock music pulling from every generation of rock and roll since the mid-70’s to current times and everything in between. Most often compared to mid-90’s alternative music with a little bit of an 80’s feel. Dearborn is unapologetic about their style, and it helps make their music more appealing. It is radio friendly and catchy but still in touch with what is real and now. The album speaks for itself as the band has gracefully honed in on their sound.

Always In Disguise (MP3)


To call Mew 'sort of surreal', of course, is like saying Bill Gates is 'reasonably well off'. If the sprawling, soaring bliss-rock of their breakthrough third album Frengers (2003) - particularly the ecstatically icy space ballets She Came Home For Christmas and NME Single Of The Week Comforting Sounds - projected a sense of glacial fairy tale wonderment (the sort of thing The Brothers Grimm might have written after a month on the road with Hope Of The States) then their fourth record 'Mew. and the Glass Handed Kites' is an even greater leap into the unknown. Redefining the concept of an 'album' - and, indeed, of a 'concept album' -and the Glass Handed Kites is an eccentric 60 minute rock headfuck, flinging musical ideas, distorted nightmare images and heartbreak choruses at the listener with what at first seems to be a random ferocity. One minute we're sailing towards Valhalla on 'Chinaberry Tree''s crusade-rock stomp, the next we're being asked "Why are you looking grave?" by J Mascis over a My Bloody Valentine throb, the next we're in the middle of an ethereal ballad about hiding foxes. Initially it sounds like ten bands playing ten different albums at the same time, which we're tuned in and out of by some insane studio engineer; repeated listening, however, reveals a remarkably unified work that picks up the experimental baton of 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' and drenches it in Mew's unique other-worldy glisten.

Mew is a band originationg from Copenhagen, Denmark and has been making their way through the music scene by touring with great bands like Kasbian and Bloc Party. Their peculiar yet intriguing sound has distinguished them as a truly brilliant band. Already, Mew has achieved notoriety and success with their new album "Mew and the Glass Handed Kites," placing #2 in Entertainment Weekly's Must List.

Check them out on MySpace - here.

The Makes Nice

Following his exit from Bay Area rock heavyweights The Fucking Champs and Drunk Horse, Josh Smith (guitar, vocals) set out to strips things down in search of the perfect synthesis of pop melody and rock muscle. Enter Aaron Burnham (bass, vocals) and Jack Matthews (drums). What was originally intended as an instrumental R&B outfit evolved into a refurbished vintage project. Drawing from freakbeat influences (i.e. The Creation, Small Faces, et al.) The Makes Nice brings Smith's impeccable musicianship and traditional power trio rollicking to catchy, sing-along pure pop. Where many vintage-based acts leave listeners nostalgic for the old days, The Makes Nice draws from old styles with an entirely new angle. For its first release, the band called on Phil Manely, best know for his stellar guitar playing with Trans Am, to lend his engineering prowess.

Candy Wrapper (MP3)

California Sun (MP3)

The Safes

A literal "band of brothers," the all sibling trio The Safes is one of the hottest bands in the reputable Chicago rock scene. The rock/powerpop/soul threesome recieved much praise for its two previous efforts and has traversed the country playing for eager crowds. Well, Well, Well The Safes latest and strongest record builds on that solid foundation. With a sound that embodies the adage "old, new, borrowed and blue", The Safes are sure to get your feet tapping. The O'Malley brothers' family chemistry is easily discernible upon first listen and contributes volumes to this brilliantly cohesive music (think Kinks). With the release of Well, Well, Well and the great reputation of their lauded live show, The Safes stands poised to emerge from the Chicago market as a national force.

Phonebook Full of Phonies (MP3)

Fairy Tale Tomorrow (MP3)

I'll try and make this a regular series based on the amount of submissions I get.

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