Friday, January 12, 2007

Dispatch's Garden Party

Couple of days late on this, but a funny thing happened to late 90s/early 00s college favs Dispatch when they decided to reunite for a concert to benefit Zimbabwe. First they get asked to play the Word's Most Famous Arena, then they sell out the show in 30 minutes via a MySpace pre-sale, then add a second show that also sells out via pre-sale. They have now added a THIRD show that goes on-sale next Saturday (1/20) at 9 AM.

Pretty damn impressive for a band that hadn't played a full concert together since 2004 for their farewell show - which was estimated to have drawn over 100,000 people - and for a band that hadn't really toured much in the last few years of their career (from '02 - '04 played a total of ten shows).

Read about it all here and here.

Here's some music to check out....

Dispatch - 2004-07-31 - The Hatch Shell - Boston, MA

Dispatch - 2000-06-09 - Wetlands - New York, NY

Dispatch - 1998-09-26 - Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

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