Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On The Road Again

I'll stay away from quoting American Pyscho, but Genesis has announced a reunion tour sans former lead singer Peter Gabriel - who is busy with other projects, but has said he'd maybe open to a reunion down the road.

As of now the band has only announced the European leg of their tour, but the U.S. dates will be coming shortly.

Here's some Genesis for you both the prog-tastic version with Gabriel and the some of the poppy stuff without....

Genesis - 1976-05-01 -Starlight Bowl - Burbank, CA

Genesis - 1977-02-08 - Orpheum Theatre - Minneapolis, MN

Genesis -
1986-09-20 - Madison Square Gardens - New York, NY

Genesis - 1992-07-18 - Stade d'Ouest, Nice (France)

And what kind of post would this be if I didn't include the video that probably freaked me out the most as a kid "Land Of Confusion"....

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