Thursday, October 12, 2006

Live At The 9:30 Club

I'm always a bit amazed that people come to this here blog on a daily basis and even take the time to leave comments and send the occasional kind email my way. I'm even more shocked some of said people work in the music industry. So when I got an email about my interest in posting some MP3s and info about a bands new album it was hard to say no - plus it's good karma.

So with that in mind (wait for it).....

Live At The 9:30 Club is the latest release from D.C. based roots-rockers the Virginia Coalition. If you're not familiar with the band they lie somewhere in the realm of the O.A.R./Pat McGee Band/Dispatch's of the music world (or jam-lite as I like the call those bands). While these guys might not be my cup of tea (read my review of thier last album here) I'm all for spreading some tunes, so here's a couple of tracks off the album for your listening and downloading pleasure...

"Gates of Wisdom" (MP3)

"That's What You Said" (MP3)

And here's what some people have had to say about the album:

Live at the 9:30 Club is an hour and 45 minutes of unwavering vibrancy; even on the many songs that stretch longer than eight minutes, Poliakoff and company never let their energy wane. Likewise, the crowd's excitement audibly ricochets through the club's cavernous space, capturing the rock 'n'adoration that VaCo surely dreamed about in high school.
-Washington Post

The song writing is mainly what moves the VACO sound, but the live show brings out the musicianship of this band and moreover, the soul that goes into the connection with the fans each night. Whether your pile of ticket stubs is the remnants of a jam tour, indie clubs, or pop hot spots, Virginia Coalition's Live at the 9:30 Club will fit pleasantly with your live tastes. This is the music loyal fans have been following for years, and it's a nice piece to hang on to.

VACO is currently on tour in support of the album, so go out and catch them if you dig the tracks and be their friend on MySpace too - VACO's MySapce Page.

10/19 - Mexicali Blues - Teaneck, NJ
10/20 - Pickle Barrel - Killington, VT
10/21 - Harper's Ferry - Allston, MA
10/22 - Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT
10/27 - Blue Note - New York, NY
10/28 - North By Northwest - Philadelphia, PA
10/30 - 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV
10/31 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
11/2 - The Temple Club - Lansing, MI
11/3 - Bogart's (Front Room) - Cincinatti, OH
11/5 - The Music Mill - Indianopolis, IN
11/15 - Martin's Downtown - Roanoke, VA
11/16 - House of Blues (Cambridge Room) - Cleveland, OH
11/17 - Park West - Chicago, IL
12/29 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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