Monday, May 15, 2006

One More Saturday

Was going to write a whole post on my Saturday night hitting both the DSO show at the Nokia Theater and Rana at the Knit, but I'll spare you of most of the details. Needless to say I was in a funk all day Saturday and it was the right move. My last minute decision to head there solo was rewarded by bumping into a friend at a bar pre-show which ended up with me meeting and hanging out with her crew - good times.

Only seen Dark Star a few times and this was the first time with an original setlist. I was really pretty happy with their selections....

Set I

Half Step
Jack Straw
West LA
Run for the Roses
Hey Pockey Way>

Set II

Sailor> @
Saint> @
Other One>
Stella Blue>


Sure you usually going to see this band to see them recreate a show, but hey I was just in the mood to hear some quality live Dead - something about hearing their songs always manages to put me in a good mood. Highlight for me was definitely Jack Straw which they absolutely ripped on. As for the venue - had heard mixed things, but I was digging it. Great sound, speakers in the bathrooms, the floor is slanted a bit so if you're all the way in the back (which we were) you can see the stage no problem, and it seemed like they were pouring heavy mixed drinks. My only issue was beer was all from cans - though Irving Plaza is the same.

After the show wrapped up we decided to head down the Knit to catch Rana - a band that I hadn't seen in at least three or four years since their record release party at CBGB's. We walked in probably twenty minutes into their set and they were rockin' out. Didn't know any of the songs, but was still having a good time. They've definitely morphed into more of a rock band since they last time I'd seen them. Here's a brief review of the show from

On Saturday, RANA returned to the stage for the first time in 2006 for a performance at New York's Knitting Factory. After years on the northeast music circuit, the members of RANA spent the past few months focusing on a number of other projects, with guitarist Scott Metzger joining Particle, drummer Ryan Thornton focusing on Sam Champion and keyboardist Matt Durant gigging with King of France. While RANA speaks out against the sit-in during its "Go Home Hippie," the group invited a number of guests onto the stage throughout its set Saturday including The Antibalas Horns, who performed "Minca Malinca," "Loves It Automatic," "My One Dear Son," and "Bloodshed," as well as the encore of "It's So Hard (Believe Me)," "Good Book," "Not So Mopso" and "Backstage Pass." Later Dan Piper played lap steel on a number of songs beginning with "I'm Not Orfeo." Referencing its semi-hiatus, RANA also debut Durant's new original, "While Sam Champion Owned the Bowery."

Didn't stay for their whole show, but enjoyed what I heard and would definitely go and see them again soon if they find the time to get back together for some more shows. So ended up having a great night after a sub par day - thanks Jenny!!

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