Monday, May 22, 2006

Free Stuff...Well For Me

I finally got a free cd from having a blog (hint, hint to everyone reading this) so figured I'd give a plug to the band that sent it to me. The band is Bump and they're new cd is called Incredible Consequence. Here's a quick bio on the band from their MySpace page....

Growing up in the outskirts of the Motor City, it has become Bump's mission to resurrect the sounds that made Detroit a musical Mecca. After the recent years of Detroit's association with garage rock, hip-hop and rap rock, Bump is stepping up to fuse all the famous sounds the city was once known for. Yorg combines the hooks and harmonies of the Stevie Wonder with the stage presence of James Brown, while Chris Sterr echoes the guitar tones of Mick Taylor, David Gilmour and classic Detroit rock. Holding the rhythm section all together is Eric Novak, who drops tasty bass-lines reminiscent of James Jamerson, and Clint Carpenter on drums laying down the groove like the great Stewart Copeland. Bump has taken all of their Motown roots and has managed to create an unusual and unique sound to call their own.

Here's what some have had to say about them and their debut full length... Review

Glide Magazine Q&A

Charleston Post Show Review

Here's a couple of live shows...

Bump - 2006-04-16 - Majestic Theatre - Detroit, MI

Bump - 2006-05-06 - Up Front & Company - Marquette, MI

So check them out! And thanks for the cd guys!

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