Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taper's Section

If you haven't been over to the Dead's under-construction, website lately - they've recently started a great new feature on there called the Taper's Section. Here's some intro info from the site...

In this space, every Monday, you will find information on the recorded history of the Grateful Dead’s music as it pertains to that week, specifically focusing on the shows for that week, through the band’s 30 year performing history, that reside in the Grateful Dead’s storied tape vault. Although not everything is in there, with more than 1,600 of the band’s 2,400-odd shows represented, there is plenty about which to talk. Check back weekly for new entries and insight into the vault, as well as exclusive audio clips relating to that week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history.

They're got some great stuff up so far, here's a sample....

Run Rudolph Run - 1971-12-04

Feels Like A Stranger - 1980-12-30

Looks like their deal with Rhino is already paying off.

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