Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bloggy Goodness

I promise more posts this week, but here's what other people have going on....

The Pop Eye has a weekly series called Forgotten Classic Video - check out classics by Squeeze, Billy Squier and Fresh For Lulu.

Gimme Tinnitus loves The Willowz and has an MP3 from their upcoming album - head here.

Are you listening to Philly's own Devin Greenwood? No, well Some Velvet Blog thinks you should be - you can give him a listen here.

Rewriteable Content is offering you the holiday present of Camera Obscura b-sides - enjoy their gift you here.

If you love a good end of the year list head to Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands for his Top 20 Songs of 2006 which is full of video and MP3 links.

XTC is England's Beach Boys or at least that's what The Runout Groove thinks and has Five Singles from them to prove it to you.

Phish & Chips is undecided on who's version of I Shot The Sheriff he likes best, but offers a number of interpretations of the song - so pick your favorite here.

Finally Ace Cowboy gives his thoughts on Ernie's recent arrest over at Hidden Track.



bob reich said...

Thanks for the link.

Some Dude said...

Any time.