Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who Wears Short, Shorts?

I've been pretty sucky about putting up anything of note lately - sorry to all my loyal readers about that (all lets say ten - though hopefully it's more). Anyway work has kept me busy, so it's been hard to update during the day.

With that out of the way, I'm hitting the Ratdog show tomorrow night at the Beacon Theater. Haven't seen Bobby in awhile and looking forward to it. Though wish he'd play more Bobby songs rather then a bunch of Jerry tunes. I'd much rather hear Black Throated Wind, Jack Straw and Greatest Story Ever Told over him trying to sing Wharf Rat - but hey that's me, I'd much rather hear the classics.

I guess there could be a whole argument made about who is he really playing for by doing those tunes - but I ain't no playa hata.

Here's some classic and current shows...

1997-06-09 - Sweetwater - Mill Valley, CA

2000-06-04 - Battery Park - New York, NY

2006-03-23 - Calvin Theatre -Northampton, MA

2006-02-05 - Dave Matthews and Friends Cruise - A Chorus Line Theater, Majesty of the Seas
At Sea

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