Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jammys Recap

So I was at the Jammys the other night and have to say it was pretty mediocre at best. I've been to three of the six versions of it and this happened to be the weakest one I've seen. The heavy hitters of the scene were pretty underrepresented. Sure you can't have the same people perform every year, but just didn't think this version had much muscle power. The first half of the show as pretty forgetable. It wasn't until Peter Frampton hit the stage with Guster to perform "Do You Feel Like I Do" that people actually got up and got excited, but that happened about half way through the show. moe. was moe. this is old hat for them and they came out swinging and rocked. The 25 plus people on stage for the Rythm Devils portion of the show was great and I'm a sucker for Little Feat, but just thought the night on a whole was underwhelming.

Where were some of the acts that were nominated for awards? My Morning Jacket, Mars Volta, Ryan Adams, Gomez, Wilco, Matisyahu, WSP? Ok maybe some of these acts are out on the road, but I doubt all of them were. While TLG was there to accept their award they weren't asked to perform. Aren't they supposed to be one of the hottest jambands out there right now? Ok I'll stop my bitching, but I think they really need to work on the line-up for next year. They did great job of thinking outside the box on the nominees, but you really need to get those bands to show up if you're going to nominate them. Sure the crowd wasn't really pulling for the non-jambands to win any of the awards, but hey that doesn't mean they wouldn't have dug them if they performed.

Anyway take a listen and decide for yourself...

Jammys Award Presentation & Performance - 2006-04-20 - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden - NYC, NY

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