Monday, January 02, 2006


Brooklyn Vegan's got some links to some great picture (like the one below) from the Black Crowes/Trey/NMAS NYE show.

Thought the show was pretty solid. I skipped out on NMAS, but walked in as Trey was ripping through 'Push On Til The Day'. Sticking to exclusively almost all older material - just one song off the new album - Trey came to rock his 90 minute set. As he's said in the past he loves playing the Garden and you could tell he was in high spirits. It was amazing to see how much of a BCs crowd it was - while there were a good amount of people up and dancing for Trey the place went nuts when the Crowes hit the stage. The Crowes set was marred by a bad mix at the get go. Chris's vocals were muddy, the back-up singers to loud and you could really only hear Rich's guitar - the sound did get better as the set progressed, they seemed to finally get it right a few songs in. I'm by no means an expect on the Black Crowes - I've only seen them twice, both times this year. I did enjoy their set though, they're just a great rock n' roll. Go see them if you haven't - they're sure to be on the road more in '06. All in all left satisfied being at my home away from home for NYE - I've spent 6 of the last 10 at MSG.

Here's the setlists....

Trey Anastasio
Set I: Push on 'til the Day, Sand, Tuesday, Plasma, Mr. Completely, Night Speaks to a Woman, Last Tube, Money Love and Change, Come As Melody, First Tube

The Black Crowes

Set I: No Speak No Slave, Sting Me, Lickin', Think 'n' Thin, Jealous Again, Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye, Soul Singing, Space Captain, NYE countdown, Auld Lang Syne*, Will the Circle Be Unbroken*#^, Thorn In My Pride

Set II: Wiser Time, My Morning Song, Ten Years Gone, Wanton Song, Seeing Things**, Hard To Handle**#, Twice As Hard, Remedy
Enc: Street Fighting Man

Notes: * First time played. # With Trey Anastasio on guitar. ^ With Luther and Cody Dickenson. ** With the Left Coast Horns.

I'll get some links to downloads up later.

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Ace Cowboy said...

Glad ya had fun...heard great things.